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  •   1 Account

  •   1 IBAN

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  •   Minutes countdown* to get my personal BIC.

*After receiving the payment for a natural person’s order the RIB/IBAN of your Veritas Mastercard account will be made available to you immediately at your customer area, provided there are no correspondences on PEP, OFACs lists, etc...

International MasterCard Card

  •   Accepted in 36 Million merchant locations and ATMs

  •   High-end and embossed

  •   Only €29,90/year!

Can be reloaded through bank transfers, in cash or with coupons

Veritas brings together the best of prepaid cards

  • Cash, Reload Coupons
  • Bank Transfers, Money Orders
  • Never spend more than the available balance
  • No exceedings, no overdraft charges
  • Cash Deposit & Withdrawals
  • Make your Purchases
  • Send and Receive Credit Transfers
  • Access & Manage Your Money Freely: 24/7
  • Widely Accepted in Shops, ATMs & on the Internet
  • High-quality Embossed Card
  • Contactless Payment (NFC) and 3D Secure
  • Fixed Exchange Costs
  • Full Banking Details
  • British or French IBAN, the one who fits you
  • For your Incoming and Outgoing Money Transfers
  • Enjoy the Speed of the SEPA Standards
  • Employees, Liberal Professionals, Students
  • Banned by the banks, Unemployed, Tourists
  • No commitment, no Monthly Fees
  • No need for a Bank Account
  • Your transactions can be only be checked through your Veritas account
  • View your statements online
  • Unless on you specifically require it, you'll receive no mail from us
  • No connection to your bank account

subscribers trust us.

At your service for
10 YEARS and 174 Days


MasterCard Security

As soon as you report the loss, theft or fraudulent transactions made with your card, we'll immediately block it.

Contactless payment

For your payments of 30€ or less. Contactless payments are handy, fast and secure.

Free money transfer

Incoming and outgoing bank transfers are free between Veritas Cards, also abroad.

At your service since 2010

The prepaid VERITAS Mastercard© brings together the best of prepaid cards: simple, efficient, discrete, elegant, economic.

...and since it is not just about dollars and cents, Veritas donates 2€ of each card's fee to a charitable organisation dedicated to child's protection and welfare.

Veritas at your service

Customer Service in English at your service by phone from Monday to Saturday from 9h to 18h30

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