Alert on scams - fraudulent email, phishing, fake support agent

What to do if you click on a fraudulent link or if you provide sensitive data?

Receiving fake emails that claim to be from Veritas or Issuer.

Receiving fake proposal of support through social network or forum that claim to be from Veritas or Issuer.

Receiving fake phone call that claim to be from Veritas or Issuer.

Unless very rare exception, Veritas is working email free. You have to log into your account and open a ticket for communicating with us. Nor Veritas Neither Issuer is proposing support through social network or through forum. An unhappy customer is an easy target for hackers who will propose fake support or legal action then will request payment or sensitive data of your accounts.

Nor Veritas Neither Issuer will never contact you directly by phone for asking you details of your account.

For any email you should look that the following three conditions are met:


Check that the address used to send the email ends in « », « », « @emlpayments » or « ».
Most of the time, the email will be marked as spam between brackets, and your name, identification number will not be shown OR will be incorrect.


Check that your name and/or the email address associated with your account appear in the message’s subject line.
Most of the time, the email will be marked as spam between brackets, and your name, identification number will not be shown OR will be incorrect.


Move your mouse over the link, and you will be able to see its contents at the bottom of your browser, without having to click on it.
You can see when you move your mouse over the link that it has nothing to do with Veritas. Do not click it.

If you are a Veritas customer, you will never have to pay anything to EMLPayments. You can therefore ignore this type of email.

Reporting a phishing email or similar attempt

You have received a phishing email, a fake phone call, a fake support through social network, spoofing the identity of Veritas or EMLPayments, please send us as much information as you can (the contents of the email, at the minimum) contact page our by opening a new ticket into your VERITAS Client Control Panel.

Please note that the information you provide to us may be shared with third parties to enable us to combat these threats.

I entered or I communicated my personal details - what do I do now?

If you entered your card number on a fraudulent site or by phone to a fake agent or by email to a fake support agent.

Nor Veritas, Nor EMLPayment will ask you to provide details such as card number, email, phone number, PIN, date of birth, address. Do not provide sensitive documents such as POA or ID when you have a doubt, the best way to provide such documents is through ticket into VERITAS Client Control Panel.
You provided sensitive information and/or documents to a suspect third party. The only thing you can do is contact us as soon as possible, to have your card and account blocked. You will have to request a new card and reset your password.
You do not recognize transactions on your account? You will have to go to police and open a complain, then you will have to open a dispute through your VERITAS Client Control Panel by adding, as proof of your good faith, copy of police complain. Our service will try to get your money back.


If you entered your Veritas password on a fraudulent site or by phone to a fake agent or by email to a fake support agent

Log in to your VERITAS Client Control Panel, and change your password. If option available for you, we strongly advise you to activate two-factor authentication, to permanently secure your account.
To ensure that your data is secure, your password must meet the criteria listed below:

It must contain at least 8 characters.

It must contain at least three-character types.

It must not contain a dictionary word.

It must not contain any personal information (e.g. your first name, surname or date of birth).

It must not be used as a password by any other user accounts.

It must be stored in a password manager.

It must be changed every three months.

It must not be identical to any previously used passwords.

VERITAS TIP: Scammers, tricks, false proposals and other scams on the internet are on the rise and more and more sophisticated. We are implementing ever more efficient security systems. But your help is priceless. Most cases of fraud are due to the credulity of people based on a simple email or the reproduction of a fake website or through social network and public forum.
We remind you that the best way to defend yourself against thieves, crooks and internet scams is to remain vigilant at all times.


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