Why Veritas?

Prepaid cards are becoming more and more popular but each one has its own distinctive features. The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card has brought together the best of prepaid cards: simple, efficient, discrete, elegant, affordable.

Only spend what you’ve loaded onto your card.

For self-discipline or to simply teach your loved ones to control their spending, the VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid cards make it impossible to go over budget.

Separate your household budget from that of your leisure activities with several VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid cards.

This way, a round of online gambling (poker, casino...) for a few euros will never lead to spending household savings.


The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card is a Mastercard® prepaid card.

The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card works everywhere where you see the Mastercard® Acceptation Mark.

Use your card at your local baker or elsewhere at more than 36 Million merchant locations.


Choose the first and last name or the name of your business to go on your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card.

Free option.

Give your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card a strong customization.

Warning: Whimsical, racist or offensive names are systematically rejected.

Money transfer to friends and family:

Transfer money to any bank account in the world.

Transfer money to all of your friends and loved ones that have a VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card (see fees and the General Terms and Conditions ).

Every holder of a VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card can send and receive money to and from another VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card holder.

Please Note: no card will be issued and sent to India.

Accessible to All:

A VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card is more than just a simple payment method, it’s an access to a multitude of products and services.

Gain access to exclusive offers over the Internet.

Subscribe to services that only accept card payments.

No need to open or have a bank account, no background check of your financial situation, the VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card is accessible to everyone (see fees and the General Terms and Conditions).

Each holder must be 18 years of age or older.


Cash that is stolen or misplaced is lost for good.

With your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card, your money is safe: your card is immediately blocked after your call to report its loss or theft.

You need to know your secret PIN code in order to use your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card.

Privacy & Discretion:

Payments made with your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card only show up on your online interface.

Subscribe to a service or an online game without providing your standard credit card number.

Check your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card statements online.

Unless expressly requested, you will not receive any correspondence.

No connection to your bank account.


889,801 subscribers trust us.

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