Issuing and Activation Fee
Main Card FREE
Because it isn’t only a question of money, we donate 2 euros of each card’s fee to children’s charity organizations.
Annual Fee
Main Card € 29.90
Monthly Management Fee FREE
Delivery Fee (including the production and shipping of the card)
Main Card FREE
Supplementary Card
(max. 2 cards per main card)
Monthly Management Fee FREE
Card Customization
Add an additional first and last name, alias or business name on the card
ATM Fees
Make purchases at merchants and websites in France FREE
ATM Withdrawals
(SEPA in euros)
€ 2.50
Foreign Exchange Fees 1.99%
Transfer Card Balance in Real Time FREE
Certain merchants and ATMs can charge extra fees beyond our control. Please inquire before carrying out any transactions. Foreign exchange fees of 1.99% are applied to other currencies other than the euro.
Reloading Fees
Bank Transfer
(varying fees depending on the financial institution)
Money Deposit
(varying fees depending on the intermediary)
Transfer Fees
Account to Card
(Incoming SEPA transfer)
Card to Veritas Card - Outgoing Transfer FREE
Card to Veritas Card - Incoming Transfer FREE
* All extra fees and optional services are set out in the General Terms and Conditions.

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