All new Veritas Card integrate the new generation of NFC technology.

For your payments less than 50€ (45£)
Contactless payments are safe, fast, convenient.

For a contactless payment:

Your Veritas card does not leave your hand.

Your data is protected by electronic encryption: unique code for each payment (so-called « token » technique).

We carry out an automatic control avoiding a double debit if you accidentally touch the reader of the merchant.

Contactless payment allows you to pay for small purchases of less than 50€ (45£) at millions of merchants worldwide displaying the logo

Simply put your credit card near the payment terminal, facing the symbol "contactless". The operation is saved, a ticket is given to you. it's paid!

The benefits of contactless cards on Veritas cards:

Paying purchases of less than 50€ (45£) is convenient. It's like having small change without looking for your coins in your pockets.

Ideal to make quick payments: restaurant, tobacconists, taxis, local shops, florists, pharmacies, tolls, parking ...

When paying, speed up payment transactions for amounts up to 50€ (45£). Merchant do not propose contactless payment ? Simply use your card as usual: insert your card in the reader and type your PIN.
Like other purchases, your contactless payment transactions appear in your transaction history in your customer area. What are the costs involved? No fees are added for a contactless payment.

And about security?

Contactless Mastercard transactions are secure

You benefit from the same protection mechanisms in the event of loss, theft or fraudulent transactions as with your traditional bank card.

No accidental payments

For a Mastercard Contactless payment transaction to be completed, you must present your card within 5 cm of the payment reader. The card must face the contactless payment pictogram for the transaction to take place.

No problem with double billing or multiple debit

Even if you approach your card several times at the time of payment, your purchase will only be charged once. The presentation of the card to the reader even several times generates only one payment transaction.

To ensure a globally interoperable payment solution, the Mastercard contactless card has been designed according to the industry standard for radio frequency communications - ISO 14443.


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